A platform for Life experiences.
A new form of Content!

EY ZHN LIFE is an initiative that contributes in making Greece a global
destination and paradigm for EY ZHN for Life.

  • Leveraging the power of the Tourism industry
  • Helping shape the future of the Tourism industry
  • Integrating ESGs for stakeholders of the Tourism industry (brands,
    destinations and more)
  • Actively contributing to the wellbeing of all forms of life

A platform for Life experiences. Literally!
A new form of Content!

Innovative physical and digital infrastructure, programs and content leading
to Wellbeing for Anthropos, Gaia, Cosmos. Leveraging the unique identity
and characteristics of each location and place. In four pillars:

Cell of Life

Wellbeing for land life

How can we create unique local hubs that celebrate life and prepare us towards a new Life era?


Wellbeing for human life

How can we develop the future tourism offering by leveraging the - usually idle - holiday time for Anthropos


Wellbeing for sea life

How can we enhance the Blue economy and leverage the boat chartering fleets for marine life protection?


Wellbeing for future life

How can we connect the past with the future, making our future Cosmos a place that we would like to visit?

Unique location-based experiential hubs

Deep experiences leading to deep engagement. Transforming the “objects” of each destination into “subjects” and creating bonds with the visitors as protagonists. Showcasing the best of biodiversity, history, geography, culture, food, people, past and future of each destination.

For Anthropos, Gaia, Cosmos. In Land and Sea. Actively contributing to all forms of Life.

Creating reasons to visit and to visit again!
Resorts, parks, marinas, developments, hotels, charter boats, camps, cultural sites, cities and more