Wellbeing for human life

The relationship between “work time” and “leisure time” are changing.        The lines between working, relaxing, learning, experiencing and playing are blurred.

We believe that the current and future Tourism offering needs to evolve to accommodate the above.
We need to rethink the notion of “empty” time during our holidays!

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Greece can become a destination to grow!
Wellbeing for Human life by leveraging the holiday time. Bringing harmony between leisure and work and introducing opportunities to evolve, to learn, to experience and grow.

FutureU is a platform to grow and #upgradeyourself. Mind, Body, Spirit. Life

Creating spaces, facilities, content and programs to recharge and upgrade mind, body and soul. Consisting of 3+1 main elements.
1. FutureU space. An especially custom immersive space to meet yourself.
2. FutureU pods. Transformative technology pods to help you grow and unleash your full potential.
3. FutureU content. Custom programs and retreats to discover and upgrade yourself. In live, digital, virtual formats.
4. FutureU digital platform. A digital place accessible to everybody from anywhere.